13 very important attributes every guy observes in a lady – guys dont joke with #1, #4 and #13


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When a guy looks at a girl, he takes note of certain things about her. Of course, you don’t expect him to spill everything to her, do you? It is on the basis of these things that he makes his judgement about her. Let’s take a look at the basic things a guy observes in a lady when he meets her. Are you ready? Good! Let the show begin!
1. Whether she is pretty: All guys love beautiful women. They are a special treat to the eye. It is almost impossible for you to see a guy who does not want a pretty woman. This is the first check.

2. Whether she is hot: This is definitely the next on the list. While beauty has to do with the face, being hot as to do with her figure. This is where guys occupied with descriptions of a girl’s backside and fronts side and all the rest. You can’t blame us for this; guys will always be guys. We are creatures of sight.

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